Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Histery? WTF is Histery?

Received an email today about an individual that is looking for work. The email content was along the lines of providing word processing assistance as well as research assistance on projects. it read (copy/paste):

Email title:Do you have a Mystery about the Histery of your site?!  I'll solve it for you!

Hello All!
I am generally available for [DELETED] file reviews including--
Environmental Government Agency document reviews and report copying in B&W and Color,
County and City Building & Safety and Due Diligence research,
Substructure Map, general map, and [DELETED] drawing retrieval (esp. [DELETED]),
Data table, spreadsheet creation, database entry of documents researched,
Street/building identifications, Assessor Parcel research, etc. in the [DELETED] area, particularily [DELETED] and [DELETED]!
Please email me if you need any help!  I have much experience in researching properties!!
Please note the new  phone number!

How about that catchy email title, eh? Sure makes me want to open it asap and begin reading! But wait, what in the hell is histery? and particularily?

You sent an email out to a bunch of people within the corporate network regarding potential work opportunities for word processing and you misspelled history and made up a word? Is George Bush Jr. emailing me? Who in their right mind would trust you to do your job correctly? The one thing I (we) have to get to know you, aside from your list of skills is this stupid email you sent out and you've even managed to FUBAR that.

Not only that, but you've listed report copying in "B&W and Color" as a skill? Well call me crazy!! You can make copies in COLOR now?! AND it requires someone of special skill to do this?! I will request services IMMEDIATELY!!

Proofread your shit please.